Walking around Lincoln Park was fun, and different from what we had in Atlanta at that time

Walking around Lincoln Park was fun, and different from what we had in Atlanta at that time

And of course, I remember the heavy traffic in Chicago, but, at least you have a pretty nice city view in front of you.

And back then, we didn’t quite depend on our cellphones for Internet and important life decision making like where to eat (we used an actual Garmin GPS to get here). Yelp wasn’t as popular, I mean, we had Internet on our phones, but c’mon, it was on 3G network! So, in order for us to find places to eat, we either walked around or looked them up on our laptop in the hotel, then drove to find it. We stumbled upon this pizza place on North Lincoln Ave while walking, located below street level, called Bricks, who claimed to have the best pizza on earth. Well, of course we had to try it. I remember being there early and sitting for a bit waiting for them open, people watching, and then finally going in to eat. I remember having pretty good pizza in that place, and I remember it being kinda dark, which probably explained why I didn’t take any pictures of the food.

We love driving around – it’s one of the things that we enjoy to do when we’re on trips, whether we’re in the city, in the country side, or beach town

One of our favorite movies when we were much younger was Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. When we found out that they had a White Castle in Chicago, of course, we had to have it for dinner. From what I remember, this was my very first time eating here, and from what I remember, it met my expectations – at that time.

I love hotdogs. The one thing I was looking for while we were there were some real Chicago hotdogs. I don’t know if this place was the best in town, but that was the first we found – America’s Dog, and my mouth is watering as I’m typing this. That can only mean that my memory bank is telling my taste buds that it was some good hotdog.

I don’t really remember how long we stayed in town, but I know it wasn’t for very long. We went to Navy Pier to hang out, and I remember it being pretty fun. We walked around, ate, watched people (our favorite thing to do), and took a boat ride tour on Lake Michigan. Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

After doing a day of touristy things at the Navy Pier, we headed back home. But before we drove back, there was one more thing that we knew we had to try while in Chi Town – to eat their Deep Dish Pizza.

We saw this franchise pizza place, called Giordano’s and ordered their deep dish pizza. It was pretty tasty from what I recall.

That was it for our time in Chicago. I’m sure there was a lot that we missed while we were there, but perhaps we’ll come back again one opinie eharmony day. It’s not high on my list at the moment, but, things always do change.

However, I still enjoyed the shaved ice, esp sitting right next to this garden where live music was being played.

Driving through the country side was so refreshing, and it was when we really felt like we were in another place. Stopped by here to try Nui’s Thai Food as well. I ordered the papaya salad and it was pretty delicious. Again, this side of the island offered much better food.

New York City

We hung out a couple of times at The Borgata in Atlantic City. This was the first time that the bf and I almost got addicted to gambling. We spent a few hours at this very spot.

I remember having a really fun drive to Chicago from Atlanta. What I recall the most was how beautiful I thought Indiana was.